Costa Rica Cinnamon Bun
1lb bag: $13.00
1lb bag: $13.00

There's a juicy flavor of peach nectar as well, that also defines a stone fruit-like acidity, It's a rather refreshing coffee, with essence of tangerine laced in, especially in lighter roasts. Full City roasts have great mouthfeel, one that I don't always expect from Costa Rica coffees, and with a sweet cocoa flavor as well as a bit of toasted caramel. The finish is cocoa all the way which is not drying at all, and with lots of sweetness long after. I think the sweetness shows best when roasted and brewed at a minimum of City+.

Cinnamon Bun flavored coffee tastes like a hot warm cinnamon roll right out of the oven floating in your freshly brewed hot cup of coffee. Warm tones of cinnamon with the sweetness of vanilla icing. Order whole beans or let us fresh grind coffee for you. The aromatic scent of cinnamon reigns supreme.

Houduras Brazil Cerrado Natural
1lb Price $13.10
1lb Price $12.75

This coffee has a fruity fragrance, lively acidity, orange, velvety taste, soft body, smooth finish

I love these high-quality Brazilian coffees, and you should try it as a Full City or even Vienna roast: it's great! And nothing touches a really good Dry-processed or Pulped-Natural Brazil as a base in Espresso blends. They produce more crema and body, adding sweetness and providing a great backdrop for the feature coffees. Roasted from light to dark.

1lb bag: $13.00
If you love almonds and the popular liqueur, the Amaretto flavored coffee is a sweet and delicious coffee experience that will certainly wake your senses and make your mouth water. With almond flavors and apricot-infused undertones, this full-bodied coffee offers a reminiscent flavoring of marzipan – a confection that mixes powdered sugar, ground almonds, and apricots. Mild but alluring in flavor, this Amaretto flavored coffee is perfect as an after-dinner dessert coffee